Sham Dunk

Buskens Bakery is a notable Bakery in my hometown of Cincinnati (Cin City, if you please). They are famous back home, not only for their delicious treats, but also for their playful ad campaigns — executed by Cincy based agency The Creative Department. This month and next they are pushing their St. Patrick's day cookies with their Sham Dunk ad.

If you peruse their site you will also see an even more fun Tag Line

Dunk me. I'm Irish.

Busken will typically take over the out door advertising opportunities throughout Cincinnati for each major holiday: St. Patricks Day, Halloween, the 2012 Presidential Election, Thanksgiving, etc. They will have epic signage in all stores, update their sites, and have even designed their delivery trucks to look like a box of cookies mmm.


The ads are also simple, clever, and joyful. Exactly what a cookie should be.

For as long as I remember, they have been using the same style for their campaigns year after year. The billboards will be 10 words or less, with a picture of the cookie, cake, or pastry. If it ain't broke, don't fix it - right?

Some of my other favorite ads (or at least what I could dig up on the ol' Internet) are below..


Note: During Halloween Busken will change their name to Boosken (See Ghost Cookie picture)

Busken's also got some national attention with their annual Pie Wars against Frisch's Big Boy during the Thanksgiving holiday. Check out the Busken Bros executing their best prank here.


While my heartstrings tug for all things Cincinnati (and for cookies), the work that Buskens and The Creative Department do is too good not to share.

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